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Find ideal matches in seconds with Badger

Brokers and owner-operators can avoid empty miles and find ideal matches to meet their capacity needs, route, budget, and timeline.

what is badger?

Badger Is a Matching Feature For Brokers and Owners

Badger is always aggressively analyzing data to help you find the best listings for your connections. What logistics provider isn’t pressed for time? We want to make this process as fast, easy, and lucrative as possible for hard-working logistics players like you.

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how is badger different?

Badger's Smart Features

vHub created Badger to support repositioning matches and an “offer now” approach to deals, making it easier for asset owners to connect with power-only or asset-lite managers looking for rentals.

Route Optimization of Trailer Assets​

Empty Mile Avoidance​ For Owner-Operators

Reposition Matching to Load /Freight

Carrier Criteria Set by Asset Owner

Dynamic "Offer Now" Marketplace

the value of badger

Badger Is Always Optimizing

It’s hard to keep up without modern tools streamlining the most mundane tasks by monitoring the market and assessing the data, Badger helps businesses of all sizes make better choices on rentals and routes, Whether you have a Interlock helps businesses of all sizes streamline their business.

By supporting better data and organization, Interlock makes it possible for you to accomplish more without taxing your team.

Whether you are enterprise with a lot to manage or a one-man-show who’s always short on time, Interlock can help.

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