How Better Trailer Pool Management & Power-Only Trucking, Decreases Cost for All Freight Parties

The longer it takes for a load to arrive and get loaded, the higher the cost of shipping and receiving will be for shippers and transportation service providers. The key is to have a way to minimize the waiting time, thereby decreasing the cost of transportation. One way to do this is by utilizing freight trailer pools and power-only trucking. Trailer pools allow truckers to drop off their load and pick up another rather than waiting hours for their incoming shipment to arrive, thus saving time and expenses.

It is fuel-efficient. which is a necessity today. According to the U.S. Energy Information Agency, on-highway diesel fuel prices as of June 6, 2022, were up to $5.703 per gallon, more than $2.429 compared to the same period in 2021. It is time for shippers and management teams to understand how to utilize freight trailer networking to reduce the time spent on loading and unloading and still increase productivity.

Freight Trailer Pools Eliminate Waiting and Risk for Detention Time Charges

As mentioned earlier, freight trailer pools and power-only companies allow drivers to come in and unload their trailers and pick up another load to proceed to their destination quickly and efficiently. Trailer pools mitigate the risk of detention time charges by enabling the driver to complete the order and promptly return the container to its owner.

Drivers Maximize Drive Time Within HOS Rules

Depending on the location, HOS rules dictate that drive time must be between 13 and 14 hours end-to-end. Drivers can be more productive within that time as they can now maximize their deliveries when they utilize freight trailer pools to drop off and pick up containers.

Power-Only Trucking Relied on More Collaboration Between Parties

Power-only trucking refers to a carrier providing both a semi and a driver. However, the trailer will come from another party, ideally the shipper. Power-only trailer pools enable parties to collaborate on who will be responsible for which task and which carrier can deliver which shipper’s load.

Preloading WIth Freight Trailer Sharing Cuts Costs at the Dock

Preloading can help avoid unnecessary congestion and costs at docks by getting next-day deliveries into the trucks, cutting the turnaround time, and saving money through increased freight efficiency. Preloading is a practice common with power-only trucking that will help positively influence a company’s KPI.

Carriers and Drivers Enjoy Maintenance-Free Trailers

Shipments dropped and picked up at freight trailer pools will not have as much wear and tear as trailers that have been on the road for extended periods. So, there is little to no maintenance required on trailers at trailer pools. A trailer pool allows carriers and drivers to utilize them without worrying about costs for maintenance and repair.

Trailer Pools Leverage a Shared “Gig Economy”

The pandemic inadvertently ushered in the gig economy, and the effects still linger today. Companies like Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, and others benefited by giving drivers and homeowners a way to turn their liabilities into assets. Power-only carriers similarly utilize the same philosophy by allowing multiple parties to employ the appropriate trailer with no red tape.

More Access to Trailers Eliminates True Waste in Deadheading 

Empty trailers are 2.5x more likely to lead to more accidents than a full trailer. Trailer pools always have access to loaded freights for truckers to move and help mitigate container repositioning. Freight trailers pools ensure that trailers coming and going get loaded as efficiently as possible.

It’s More Reliable

As mentioned earlier, loading freight from freight trailer pools is more reliable because a loaded trailer’s a higher probability. Also, everyone needs a different trailer for their needs. Since pools host a variety of trailers, there’s a better chance that the one required for a special delivery will be readily available.

It Lowers Insurance Costs Associated With Private Fleets

While fleet insurance is a significant investment, power-only trucking weighs in heavily on the cost of shipping. Using a freight from trailer pools cuts these costs down as this freight is now open to everyone. Additionally, the trailer’s provider was the only one to worry about paying insurance.

It’s Highly Flexible and Easy

Trailer pools provide easy access to various types of freight to truckers. It allows them to pick up different kinds of cargo as they go through multiple pools and see which ones would be appropriate for the delivery. Many companies utilize trailer pools and focus on power-only trucking because of their high flexibility.

See the Benefits of Instant Access to a Trailer Pool with vHub 

vHub provides shippers and carriers with instant access to trailer pools to make deliveries easier. Shipping companies and transportation service providers are reaping the benefits of utilizing freight trailer pools. Contact vHub today to see how the professionals use them to simplify the delivery process for power-only trucking companies and all parties involved.

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