Semi-Trailer Leasing and Finance Considerations for Shippers

In today’s competitive logistics marketplace, it’s more important than ever for businesses to have access to fast, flexible semi-trailer leasing and access to trailer financing. With more options than ever, what’s the most cost-effective way for shippers to find a semi-trailer for lease?

In 2021, MarketWatch reported that a logistics research expert found that current data “implies that 40% of America’s trucking capacity is left on the table every day.” New technologies can help shippers lease freight assets quickly and cost-effectively amid a perceived driver shortage. But with more leasing options than ever, how can shipping businesses know where to turn for their tech-supported semi-trailer lease?

Here are a few simple criteria businesses can use to narrow their choices and ensure they’ve picked the right partner to lease trailers semi.

Is It for a Short-Term Need?

Before signing onto a semi-trailer lease, businesses must consider the timing of their logistics needs. Are they moving a freight asset across the city or the country? While considering the timeline of semi-trailer leasing, businesses should consider how long their driver will take to reach the freight asset. Businesses can save big on their bottom line by partnering with a leasing company that offers simple-to-use, local access to freight assets.

Is It the Exact Trailer Type Needed for the Load?

With rising fuel prices and labor costs, it’s more important than ever for businesses to have the right tool for the right job. A grain hopper can’t replace a flatbed, and a lowboy can’t replace a tanker. Companies looking to save time and money should find leasing partners that offer a wide array of easily accessible semi-trailers for lease.

Can the Lease Be Extended Easily?

Today’s logistics ecosystem is fast-paced and unpredictable. By partnering with leasing companies that offer seamless communication and quick, easy extensions on semi-trailer leasing, businesses can quickly meet the higher demand of today’s market, no matter when or where those demands arise.

When businesses lease trailers semi, they should do so from a renter that understands that real-world logistics require real-time flexibility.

Does It Offer a Fixed Rate?

A fixed-rate lease allows shipping businesses to enter leasing agreements knowing precisely what they’ll pay and guarantees against costly surprises at the end of a leasing period. When searching for a semi-trailer for lease, a guarantee against surprise fees can allow businesses to plan for an accurate leasing cost while maximizing their bottom line.

Can You Customize the Rental Terms?

Customizable rental terms–such as pick-up and drop-off times or locations–can offer logistics businesses the freedom and flexibility to design a semi-trailer leasing agreement that works for them. Businesses that partner with leasing companies that allow for easy, app-based customization on a semi-trailer lease can gain easy access to the flexibility they need in today’s competitive logistics ecosystem.

Is the Trailer Rental Guaranteed Once Booked & How?

Shipping businesses need fast, reliable access to cargo capacity to meet increased demand. The only thing worse than lacking much-needed equipment is to plan for equipment and then—surprise—find out it’s unavailable. The costs of this type of mix-up don’t stop at the bottom line but can quickly include soured client relationships, affecting future revenue streams.

One sure-fire solution is to partner with a semi-trailer leasing company that offers guaranteed rentals. Businesses can minimize the risk of mix-ups and maximize efficiency by partnering with a company that specializes in connecting an available semi-trailer for lease directly to potential renters through an easy-to-use platform.

How Easy Is It to Use the Semi-Trailer Leasing App or Platform?

A clunky interface can cost shipping businesses valuable time. Poorly designed platforms can mean owner-operators end up on lengthy phone calls with call-centers, or drivers spend valuable time using inefficient apps instead of getting a shipment from point A to point B.

Finding a semi-trailer for lease is difficult without dealing with outdated apps and leasing platforms. Finding a semi-trailer for lease through a leasing company that offers a fully supported, seamlessly integrated mobile app and online platform can serve as a guarantee against costly, time-wasting tech issues down the road.

Get Better Semi-Trailers for Lease With vHub 

Taking advantage of the latest semi-trailer leasing technology is easier than ever with vHub. vHub’s easy-to-use app and online platform can save shipping businesses valuable time, maximizing shipping capacity while bolstering the bottom line. Sign up with vHub today, and find the semi-trailer for lease that your business needs.

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