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What Is Semitrailer Repositioning and Why Should Drivers Care

The state of the semitrailer repositioning market, like every other aspect of the shipping and transportation industry, was negatively impacted by the COVID-19 Virus during the last two years. Despite this,  the semitrailer repositioning industry is expected to grow by an estimated 5% over six years between now and 2027, according to Mordor Intelligence.

A significant reason for the rise in trailer rental popularity is that the practice is now more common and accessible to companies. In addition, manufacturers are coming up with new designs for semitrailers, which will allow drivers to take advantage of these innovations and save time on each run with faster hook-ups and drop-offs for drop and hook moves. Semitrailer repositioning and tractor rentals are attractive to drivers because of the current instability in the market today. As the capacity for freight remains tight, in addition to a driver shortage, shippers are seeing a rise in operational expenses and are desperate for space on a trailer. As a result, many fleet owners and independent drivers put their assets available on trailer pools for shippers looking for much-needed capacity. When shippers have access to a fast and reliable source to tap into available but underutilized trailer capacity, drivers and fleets secure more loads and profits.

How Capacity and Driver Availability Became Such a Serious Pain Point for the Industry 

During the pandemic and in the current recovery period, consumer demands shifted from services to goods, changing and impacting the supply chain in powerful ways. For example, drivers demand better pay and safer working environments while consumers continue to demand fast and reliable shipping services.

These demands have resulted in a lack of available drivers and capacity, increasing the need for semitrailer repositioning. “The nation’s demand for goods continues to surge, and trucking companies are considering expanding capacity in various ways,” highlighted a 2021 Transport Dive article. One of these options gaining popularity within the industry is semitrailer rental and repositioning services. The innovative approach to trailer capacity access demonstrates a cost-effective way to keep up with the demand for semitrailer relocation while at the same time making it easier for drivers to transport goods and reduce the negative impact of the driver shortage.

What is Semitrailer Repositioning and Relocation Anyway?

Semitrailer repositioning, also known as semitrailer relocation, refers to how trailers are repositioned for drivers to pick up and transport them from one location to another, along with whatever goods are loaded into the trailer. Semitrailer repositioning keeps drivers from wasting any time moving other trailers out of the way or trying to get around other trailers to retrieve the assigned trailer for pick up. The trailers are already inspected and ready to be picked up and used by the driver, as per the terms of their rental agreement.

Power-Only Trucking Services and Trailer Relocating Go Hand in Hand to Meet Market Demands

Power-only trucking services offer drivers a low cost and more flexible options in exchange for the carrier’s equipment. The cost savings largely stem from the pickup and dropoff of the trailers as everything becomes more accessible and less expensive overall.  Semitrailer relocation allows for trucks to not wait for other carriers. Instead, they can just drop off a trailer or hook up to one, making the entire process faster and more streamlined.  Due to the lack of drivers, the power-only method of semitrailer repositioning has become the most cost-effective way to keep up with demand which allows for goods to be delivered on time.

Carefully Consider Rental Services and Options When Choosing Where to Rent From

Some points transportation companies will need to consider when choosing a trailer rental option include:

  • Pricing: How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Trailer? Shippers need to know how much particular trailer rentals cost to properly budget and manage expenses.
  • Ease of access: Does the Rental Service Include Semitrailer Relocation? Rental services should consist of options to load up the trailers for the driver as part of the relocation and repositioning service.
  • Trailer maintenance: Can the Company Provide Mobile Mechanical services? Maintenance and repairs should be part of the agreed-to terms if the trailer malfunctions or experiences difficulties during the rental period.

Maximize Capacity, Boost Profits, and Lower Expenses by Utilizing Semitrailer Repositioning and Rental Services

The state of the semitrailer relocation and repositioning industry is projected to grow within the next six years. As a result, trucking companies are taking advantage of power-only strategies to maximize their capacity and alleviate driver availability by adding more trailers to availability pools. In addition, semitrailer and relocation free docks up and waiting areas to transport goods on time using power-only strategies. Contact vHub today to learn more and take advantage of this innovative capacity solution with state-of-class tracking and software access.


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