Wheeler Trailer for Hire: How to Use Sharing Pools for Shipping Container Trailers

Obtaining shipping container trailers the traditional way, it seems as if there’s always some obstacle(s) that come in the way. Commercial trailers might get backlogged, or there may be a delay when the right one becomes available. Supply and demand for containers seem lopsided. And even when a trailer is available, there is a good possibility that it will be an empty one. So now, the driver has to go to another location to load the container hauling trailer. These issues are due to a lack of transparency and communication between providers and users.

Commercial drivers have a common question: Where can I find affordable and reliable trailer rentals near me? Luckily there is a solution! Many companies are now turning to share pools to efficiently rent out 18-wheeler trailers to drivers and shippers to eliminate the idle time and reduce delays in deliveries. These pools use advanced repositioning and telematics software to post the availability of shipping container trailers in real-time and show potential renters what options are available for them to use and what would be the most appropriate for their specific needs. Managing trailers will help keep the supply chain moving with minimal stops en route and reduced lead times, leading to higher profits and lower expenses for all parties involved.

Renting Shipping Container Trailers– Why This is Such a GameChanger

According to a late 2021 Reuters article, “More than 60 container ships carrying clothing, furniture, and electronics worth billions of dollars are stuck outside Los Angeles and Long Beach terminals, waiting to unload.” One of the reasons for this is that there aren’t enough trailers available for the ships to load their supplies on the surface. The capacity crunch has resulted in trailers’ suppliers increasing their prices to where shippers could be paying $20,000 or more to get a container that may or may not even fit the bill for their deliveries.

Trailer pools dedicated to shipping container trailers have information and data in real-time that tells the user what type of trailers and containers are available for much more affordable pricing! This way, shippers searching for trailers for semi-trucks don’t have to worry about idle time and delays in completing their deliveries or accessing necessary container hauling trailers. Trailer pools provide complete transparency and show what is available to rent and what isn’t and will give the best possible solution for the shippers. In turn, the trailer supplier will make a profit which they can decide the frequency of (i.e., Per day, Every 500 miles, etc.).

Renting container trailers, ranging from all to massive 18-wheeler trailers, allows shippers to outsource their idle trailers to other shipping companies for an affordable price. This approach also alleviates the shipping cost as the shipper won’t have to worry about insurance or wear and tear. Renting shipping container trailers also makes for a more fuel-efficient practice as the trailer will not have to make frequent stops to load and unload their truck.

How Commercial Trailer Leasing and Rentals Work

Commercial container hauling trailers get rented or leased when the trailer owner creates an ad online or even on a dedicated app on which they can upload images, a description of the trailer, and pricing based on the type of trailer they are advertising. A shipper can then select the type of commercial trailer they need to complete the job.

With the touch of a button, they now have access to a vetted pool of power only intermodal loads and can find a trailer available when and where they need it. This model for shipping container trailers rentals makes it easier for both shippers and suppliers to conduct their business efficiently and cuts down on the time it takes to acquire the appropriate mode of transportation.

Ideally, trailer pools will provide various flexible container trailer rental options designed to fit the driver’s needs. The types of transportation available at rental collections include, but are not limited to:

  • Short-term trailer rentals – Rental is usually for a shorter time. Short-term rentals can have a minimum night requirement, although generally less than a few nights.
  • Long-term trailer rentals – These shipping container trailers rentals can last a more extended time. If the driver and shipper know that the delivery will take an extended period before completion, it is best to go for a long-term rental.
  • Storage Vans – Storage or cargo vans look more like a traditional 15-seater van, yet they have all the necessary amenities required to ensure successful delivery.
  • Yard Storage – Trailer pools provide space where suppliers and shippers can drop off their containers until they are complete and ready for another commercial trailer driver.

These are the most common options for renting shipping container trailers today. Some rental pools will have different options than others, and it depends on the type of transport the shippers and suppliers bring in or have available to use.

Commercial Trailer Rental Options Improve Driver Productivity and Keep the Supply Chain Moving

Not every delivery has the exact requirements. Some cargo needs to lay on a flatbed, and some items need to be stored in a cool, dry place. Whatever the case, 18-wheeler trailers and container hauling trailer rental options are varied and guarantee the right choice for the delivery. Initially, drivers and shippers had to pay the supplier for freight, and wait until it was available, and even for the vehicle itself to arrive at the site. Then, the merchandise would gets loaded, and then the driver would be off to make the deliveries.

This process of managing container availability is archaic. It would cause a lot of downtime and extended lead times, which halts the supply chain flow and leads to delays, disruptions, and additional challenges. Effective use of shipping container trailer rentals can help overcome these issues. Additionally, embracing modern technological advances and automation can further streamline the process, with services such as yard management and digital load tracking software now more common than ever. As Supply Chain 24/7 pointed out, “Digital Yard Management Systems (YMS) play a critical role in helping companies automate processes and offset the impacts of the global pandemic and other supply chain disruptions.”

Shipping container trailer rentals and better trailer sharing options will help severely reduce downtime and lead time.

Sharing pools provide a centralized area where multiple shippers and suppliers can buy and rent storage trailers, containers, 18-wheeler trailers, and other types of transportation. It is highly transparent, and information is constantly updated online so that shippers always know what is available and what isn’t. Rental pools offer easy access to container hauling trailers and help reduce the queue time for shippers and dispatch time since the vehicle can be loaded and transported to its destination immediately.

Utilizing mode processes and services, such as shipping container trailer rentals, will shorten turnaround times for deliveries, as well as downtime since routine maintenance will always occur once the trailer is returned. And finally, commercial trailer rental and sharing pools will contribute positively to customer feedback and satisfaction. The end customer will be happy that their delivery arrived on time or even ahead of schedule. Easy and reliable access to shipping and hauling trailers helps businesses be more profitable and keeps the supply chain moving smoothly.

Rental Trailer Services and On-Demand Accessibility Benefits Everyone

Taking advantage of power-only intermodal loads and other tailor and container rental services brings a host of benefits for commercial shippers and drivers. It lets shippers and suppliers cut through the red tape and other formalities that would otherwise be there when acquiring a trailer for a semi-trailer repositioning or an 18-wheeler, or whatever may be required for that particular job. But what are some of the immediate benefits of using shipping container trailer rental, on-demand container hauling trailer access, and trailer sharing services? Here a just some of them listed below:

  • Make getting a trailer easy – No more waiting for a particular trailer to become available. Rental pools give the renter instant access to the different trailers at their disposal. Once the job ends, the renter can simply return the trailer for semi-trucks or other vehicles to the trailer pool for other drivers to access when needed.
  • Cost-efficient – With rental pools, the cost of operation falls immensely. There is no need for the shipper to pay for insurance or wear and tear. In this situation, the only significant expense is paying the supplier, whether it’s per day or whatever frequency of payment they decide is appropriate.
  • Scalable – Rental pools today get accessed through a mobile app. And just like renting a car for a road trip, the app allows for scalability. If the shipper requires a flat-bed 18-wheeler trailer, they can simply enter that criteria in the search, and the app will filter out results appropriately. If the shipper carries perishables such as dairy or meat, they’d need reefer fright and temperature controls. Modern shipping container trailer rental pools allow for fast and easy access to whatever specific features are required.
  • Optimal for seasonal and peak periods – When traffic is at an all-time high, every company is scrambling to get the right vehicle for their needs. This is an example of demand at an all-time high and supply unable to meet these demands, as companies must act fast before freight becomes unavailable. Shipping container trailer rental pools have a variety of vehicles available for the job. During the seasonal time, it’s a great way for renters to profit from their idle vehicles by renting them out to other suppliers.
  • Low maintenance – Purchasing a fleet requires the buyer also to buy the insurance and be responsible for the wear and tear. Thanks to container hauling trailer pools, the worry over this becomes minimal. After a successful delivery, a shipper returns the freight trailer  rental, and the sharing pool will take care of all the maintenance required for it to be ready for the next shipper that wants to use it.
  • Cash flow  – Since the user only rents out the trailer, their main expense usually is fuel. Other than that, the renter doesn’t have any significant financial obligations. Renters can also determine the agreement terms when renting out their trailers and change them as they see fit. If the user needs specifics such as liftgate trailer rentals or reefer trailers, they can discuss terms and conditions for rental during the process.
  • Protects against market uncertainty – Traditionally, when acquiring freight, shippers had to wait until the right one was available in the market. Unfortunately, this leads to longer lead times and extended idle times, resulting in a loss of business for the shipping company. With the scalability of rental shipping container trailers, a shipper can access everything available immediately through customized searches.

When searching for a specific trailer, innovative tools and technology, such as real-time capacity listings, on-demand communications, and specific service and feature searches, ensure drivers find the right trailer for their needs. A 2022 survey by PwC found that nearly 50% of businesses using shipping and commercial trailer services rely on AI to drive supply chain decisions. More than 54% of business leaders want to enhance supply chain operations with AI and machine learning in the years to come. The future is now, and innovative services make it easier to match drivers with available trailers and rental options.

Partner With vHub Today and See the Benefits of Trailer Rental Services Today and Make Capacity Access Simple and Easy

vHub is an emerging company in the supply chain industry that provides shipping container trailer rental services to both shippers and renters. Companies with idle freight can put their 18-wheeler trailers up on the vHub app for rent, and shippers can go in and find a suitable mode of transportation for their shipments. vHub has an advanced search engine that allows for customization of the search to find the best container hauling trailers and match the shipper with the right vehicle and its renter. vHub also has a built-in in-app communication feature that allows the two parties to communicate via text messaging, voice, and video calls.

Renters looking for available capacity can have a fixed or flexible price for the trailer they rent out. If the shipper has a specific need that they are looking for, they can contact the renter and discuss particular terms and conditions for the trailer. vHub is making loading and shipping easier by providing instant access to suitable vehicles for the job at affordable prices. Container and 18-wheeler trailer rental services with vHub are available across Canada and the United States for all shipping container trailer rental and sharing needs.

Learn more about how vHub is taking advantage of emerging technologies to make shipping and delivery easier with commercial trailer leasing and rental access. Make the process easier from start to finish by contacting vHuv and registering for advanced container hauling trailer rental services online or through the official vHub app on the App Store or the Android market today.

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