vHub at TCA TRUCKLOAD 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open an account?
We verify members before allowing them onto the platform, and geting started is easy. Simply fill out the form on vHubapp.com. The vHub team reviews applications, confirming accounts within on business day.
As an owner, may I decide to whom I can rent my trailers?
vHub encourges owners to collaborates with all renters on the platform. However, an owner can end a collaboration at any time. Additionally, our platform supports user-cretaed reviews to help members stays accountable and know what to expect.
When will vHub pay me?
Members connect vHub th their banks with a secure payments getway. vHub transfer any revenue earned in a given month on the 15 of following month. the helps ensure the job is completed and there aren’t any issues before payment is tansferred.
What happens if there is no connection when picking up or returning a trailers?
We provide tracking from the point of activation to the point of drop-off. However, you won’t need the internet to make this connection. The vHub app functions without an internet connection on you don’t have to worry about low-services areas.
How are damages managed?
We seamlessly integrate inspection on trailer pick up and return to help facilitate transparent transctions. We encourge renters to take pictures of existing damage upon pickup. Additionally, asset owner can leave reviews or require repairs if a renter causes damages to the trailer. The platform is designed to help increase accountability so owners and renters can choose relicble partnerships.